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Are you an influencer?

Not yet, but would love to be?





94% of marketers find influencer marketing to be an effective practice. It can have up to 11 times higher ROI than a regular advertisement.


       - & One Productions



Are you already producing amazing content on your blog, Instagram or Youtube channel? Maybe not yet, but you have started and have had some great feedback? Has that content already brought as many followers as you would love it to? Have you already done  some amazing collaborations or have some cooperations with some inspiring brands not happened yet? If your answer is yes, then apply to the SmartStart influencer Program and discover new companies to work with. It's up to us to do all the research, casting and managing the collaborations from start to finish. You get to save your valuable time and just do what you love most- create awsome content, make money and try some amazing products.  

The opportunity to apply to the program isn't only depending on the number of your followers. There is a great emphasis on the quality of content and your activity on social media, rather than just on numbers, so be bold and apply today! There's nothing to loose! 

To apply for the program or to just get the initial information, contact us at or fill out the following form!


Thank you very much! Your application has been received!

* Filling out the form is voluntary and optional. By filling out this previous form, you confirm that you willingly submit your given data. to SmartStart Agency (SmartStart Agentuur OÜ), who only uses it regarding cooperational. You can read more under our privacy policy.


Do you have a company or fly solo, but want to find new clients and have an invoicing option? Do you want to keep up with the modern times, the digital age, target the younger demographic and also get to know what all the fuzz is about? Then contact us to work with foreign and also estonian influencers. It may be that you are too buzy to handle all the searching and casting and managing yourself. That's totally fine. Finding contacts and helping out with greating a strategy is what we can help with.  There are so many options and navigating in that world can be stressful and time-consuming.


If you want to know why the keyword ''influencer marketing'' has rised 324% on Google search or why about 60% of marketers work with over 10 influencers in one campaign then this  service is for you. It doesn't matter how large your company is or in what industry it operates in- there is something for almost everyone and we can help you find out what that ''something'' is!

To benefit from the program or to just ask some information- contact us at, through social media or use the contact form. 

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